About GC2 Photo Club

About UsThe GC2 Photo Club is a club open to anyone, although we welcome subscribers to the site.

Set up to provide FREE video and written/illustrated tutorials the Club aims to cover all aspects of photography, so please feel free to let us know of any subjects of particular interest to you that we could deliver, if there is enough demand we will create a tutorial to cover it.

We also aim to eventually introduce competitions with quality prizes, once we have built a sizeable subscription database, so please subscribe and help us grow the numbers.

We welcome guest writers and contributers. If you would like to contribute any articles to the site please contact us and we’ll be happy to credit your work and link to your website/channel etc.

We are currently developing a Facebook page where Members can publish their work and receive general constructive feedback and advice from us and other members, enabling them to develop their skills further.

We will be reviewing products, such as cameras and lenses, and hopefully obtaining discounts for our members and subscribers.

We will also be staging seminars and workshops covering all aspects of photography, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, at very reasonable rates.