The GC2 Photo Club was formed to give free online tuition to others to learn and develop their technical, physical and software skills within the world of photography. The information given throughout the GC2 Photo Club is developed from our knowledge, skills and experience gained from many years in the trade and is based on our own processes, methods and working practices – all that has worked for us for years.

Styles of photography vary from photographer to photographer and many arguments can be made to who is right. The GC2 Photo Club is our representation of what we think is right, and what has been right to our many numerous satisfied customers over the years, both in consumer and commercial photography.

We must however point out that the following of any of our tutorials and advice is done so by your own choosing and we cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or any other claim to either person, persons or equipment.

In addition, to cover the cost of running the website it is necessary for the GC2 Photo Club to display a limited amount of advertising around the site. This includes affiliation to both Amazon and Google.

Lastly, please note that any content within the GC2 Photo Club, including images and text, remain the property of the copyright owner and must not be duplicated or used in any way unless otherwise stated.